School Cycling Lessons

We believe that cycling is one of the greatest activities in the world for a number of reasons:

It’s fun
It’s accessible
It can be done alone and with friends
It can teach you important life skills

Done correctly cycling can provide so much to Young Peoples development.
We work in Schools and Youth Clubs and use cycling to teach Young People a variety of important lessons, not just how to cycle, but how to engage with other people, how to plan, how to look after something and most of all. how to be safe and have fun in the outdoors.

We work in Schools and Clubs across Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset, South Gloucs and South Wales providing access to quality learning experiences.

We teach people how to ride, at all levels, from total beginners in one to one environments, to large groups of Young People racing and taking trips.

We teach fun and active cycling experiences, playing games, doing races, setting assault courses and challenges…the clever part is that we sneak in some learning too. While we are playing games, we are introducing key skills for cycling such as taking a hand off the handlebars (We play the High 5s game, but later on the road the same skill will be used to indicate and turn) and track stands (useful in the playground to beat your friends in a  sumo competition, but also useful later at junctions, red lights and sudden stops on the road).

On top of cycling, we also teach bike maintenance, we teach team working, we teach groups to plan…we have lots of clever ways of engaging, from fixing brakes to planning meals to cook on residential trips…the focus is always on the development of Young People’s life skills.

We currently have opportunities for schools to run curricular and extra curricular cycle clubs.

We can provide bikes and helmets or riders can bring their own.

We run 5-6 week linked skills based courses, each session lasting an hour and focusing on the core cycling skills.

This is all playground based.

We have delivered these sessions to over 50 schools in the last 3 years…90% of those schools having us back to deliver every year.

Ideal for Key Stage 2 children at primary school, or for secondary pupils of all ages as part of PE lessons or GCSE curriculum work.

We have First Aid Certificates, Public Liability Insurance, CRB checks and lots of references.

If your school or Youth Club is interested in sessions, please get in touch with Marc on 07894 144595 or email