We are a registered Bikeability Scheme operating in North Somerset, Bristol and neighbouring areas.


For more details on Bikeability visit the homepage:


We are delighted to confirm that North Somerset Council Sustainable Travel Team have continued to support the project for the next financial year.


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We are currently taking bookings until April 1st 2014.


We had an unprecedented demand for these sessions in 2012 with over 1100 places delivered.


Please note that this year the National Standards for Bikeability have changed and pupils now need to complete a 90 minute playground based Level 1 session prior to the current provision of a full Level 2 day that takes place on the road. This obviously impacts upon school time, logistics for parents etc and we remain committed to helping make the sessions as easy and accessible as we can for all. Please call us if you would like to discuss the best way for us to manage this at your school.


Here you can download the Bikeability Leaflet that we now use as standard to send to all children and their parents prior to sessions taking place. Please note that on there are vital pieces of information that the children need to know about what their session will entail. It is important that the children and their parents understand that they will be riding on the road and that the sessions, while closely supervised, are taking place in real time, with no extra traffic calming or signs etc. Please be assured that we have a 100% safety record and are closely monitored by the National Bikeability scheme to ensure our standards are up to date.


It is also important that parents look at the bike check on the leaflet and make sure their children’s bikes are roadworthy. This year we have seen an alarming amount of bikes with no brakes, loose handlebars, flat tyres and other simple to fix issues that could easily be fixed by visiting a local bike shop, trying to fix these, even if we are able to, takes up valuable time that we would obviously rather spend working with the children so it is important that parents are directed to the bike check section of the leaflet.


Just to briefly remind you, you need to book 3 sessions per group of 12 riders:
Session one – Off Road 1.5hrs
Session two – On Road 9.00-12.00
Sessions three – On Road 12.30-3.00


These sessions can not be on the same day.

Multiple groups can be run across the same day.

First day, multiple groups of off road training,
Group 1 – 9.00-10.30
Group 2 – 10.30-12.00


Second day – On Road
Group 1 – 9.00-12.30
Group 2 – 12.30-3.30


Third day – On Road
Group 1 – 12.30-3.30
Group 2 – 9.00-12.30


Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or to make a booking, often it is easier to talk through your requirements, however note that most days we are at school during school hours and after school clubs.


Contact Marc on 07894144595 or email:


For parents and teachers that would like to see what will happen in the sessions or for children that want to recap, take a look at these films which we have made showing you exactly how to do all the moves!