Harptree Results

The results from the HarptreeĀ Havoc are now in andavailable to download hereĀ 23/05/10 Harptree Havoc Results

The eagle eyed among you will notice that there is one blank space…the runner who came in was so muddy that we couldn’t see his number! So if that was you, please let us know and we will update the results accordingly. You must have been going so fast through the finish that we missed you, so sorry about that!

This years race was absolutely fantastic, just what we dreamed of when we first put the race on 3 years ago.

We have already had some fantastic feedback and we have left the comments function on this page so please feel free to let us know what you thought by adding your comments via the link.

For what it’s worth, our thoughts are that the two lap format worked well, the nice weather helped and moving the race to a later date meant that the race took on a slightly different appeal, with the muddy sections becoming much more difficult than in the winter where they are more like puddles than bogs!

The BBQ was a success with spectators and runners, and to add to this what we would like is to try and appeal to more of the family and fun runners, those who will come up and do only one race a year as an adventure challenge. We still want to keep the club runners, but it would be good to get a real ‘Tough Guy’ type atmosphere going too.

We are already looking for a co-sponsor for next year, a local business who would like to help us by supplying race t-shirts for all entrants so if you or your company would like to get involved then please let us know.

As ever, we are grateful for the help and support of our ever-present sponsors Easy Runner. If you need new running equipment or advice, they really are the best in the business so get yourself along to the shop in Bristol, or look online where you can get all your essentials, the website is www.easyrunner.co.uk.

A big thanks to all our amazing volunteers who gave up their Sunday lie in, and most of their Sat afternoon too, the race would not exist without their help.

Finally, thanks to you for coming, we see many of the same faces every year and it is great to see some new ones too, please continue to support us, we hope you enjoyed the day and we look forward to seeing you all at the races, if you see any of us, say hi!

Our next event is the Bristol FitBiz Challenge, a teambuilding and networking event for companies in and around Bristol. 30 minutes of activity followed by a wine tasting and networking event at the Novotel on Victoria Street. The event will be held at 5pm on Thurs 1st July. We are looking for 20 teams so have a look at the link on the events page for more details.

One thought on “Harptree Results

  • Chris Richards

    What a great day, in the sun shine, with family there in support, I do believe it to be one of the hardest and best runs around!
    The 2 lap feature this year was ok due to being able to know what was inatore, and working out how much of the race was left and what energy to use on what hill! It was a putty it did not rain the night before, but like u hve said, it all down the te time of year, and if u could plan it aroun english weather you’d be much better suited as a wedding co-ordinator :)

    all in all a big thanks to mark and his team, including banwrll fc manager matt Duncan for cooking up a slightly under elaberate but nice burger!

    Loved it and will rank even higher next year:) and I will do my bed to promote it and get more involved too, as I recon 200-300 people will make this a race to be noted!

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