FitBiz Challenge Bristol 2010 launched

Our latest event, the FitBiz Challenge Bristol is now open.

The first time we ran this event in 2008 it was very popular, with teams from across the city taking part to try and become crowned ‘The Fittest Business in Bristol’. That honour fell to the Bank of Ireland team.

The event is designed to test the teamworking skills of companies, with 30 minutes of physical, tactical and mental challenges to complete. Each challenge is worth a different amount of points, and the team which collects the most points at the end of 30 minutes wins…it’s that simple!

As with everything that is worth doing though, it actually isn’t that simple! Teams will be given just 10 minutes to plan the activities they are going to complete, and when they get going they will need to make sure, not only that they and their teammates are capable of finishing each challenge, but also that they avoid other teams who may also be trying to take part in that activity. On top of all that, some challenges can be completed multiple times, some have ways of making them harder to gain extra points, and some will bring extra prizes for the best team to complete that particular challenge on the day.

Without giving too much away, one of last years challenges involved a memory test with a twist. Teams were shown 20 famous faces to memorise, then they had to run a 400metre course before returning and reciting as many of the faces as they could, each one worth a point. On top of this the team that remembered the most famous faces won a hooded sweatshirt each and a USB memory stick…see what we did there! Brace Alzheimers Charity sponsored this particular activity too, raising awareness of their charity and the effects the condition has on people.

So, now we have given you the lowdown on the event we hope you will want to get involved.

The event will be held on 1st July 2010 at the Square, Temple Quay in Bristol and will start at 5pm, for the full information and entry details you can click on the link to the right of this website. You can also see the gallery of the 2008 challenge here

We look forward to seeing you at Temple Quay.