Annual Awards

Saturday bike club has been running for well over 2 years now and we have seen loads of riders in that time of all different ages and abilities, so we thought it was about time we had an awards bash!

So we decided to hold one just before Christmas, straight after one of our cycle sessions on Sat morning.

There were several awards, and the winners were as follows…

Clubman of the Year – Tom Starr – for his everpresence at all sessions, trips and races and for helping to organise and marshal the races that we run in Harptree and Ashton Court, and for always being on hand to help other riders with technical problems or to offer advice to new riders…thanks Tom, well deserved!

Most Improved Rider of the Year – Rufus Brickell – Rufus has been riding with us for around 18 months now and has shown steady improvement in that time. He has grown in confidence and stature and now boasts one of the best jumps in the club! He is one of our most regular riders and we hope that he will come and take part in some races with the team this year.

Chris McCallion Young Rider of the Year – Josh Matthews – This award is named after my best friend who tragically died this year, and for whom life would not have been the same without bikes! We grew up sharing a love of riding and spent many hours riding, fixing and talking about bikes…this love is one which the Sat morning riders now share and the winner of the rider of the year award, Josh, personifies that. He loves to ride his bike and the rest of the guys are all chasing him at the moment as his skills and strength are so good. His ability at both racing and trick riding is so good that the rest of us are just glad to be around him! But the rest of the guys are hot on his heels so he will have to work hard in 2010 to stay on top, we look forward to seeing everyone moving onwards and upwards together.

Crash of the Year – Charlie Battin – and finally the Crash of the year was awarded to Charlie, for the sheer number of crashes and one particular crash while on a trip to Cwmcarn. While riding along a flat wide road, he managed to fall off and land head first in the ditch on the side of the road…however, undeterred he is one of the most consistent riders, coming along every week and also helping at all the events in 2009.

If there are any riders out there who would like to join our Saturday morning rides, we would love to see you there. Suitable for riders of 10 and upwards who can already cycle (it doesn’t matter how good you are, let us worry about that!) we meet at the Ashton Court Manor House and ride for 2 hours with lots of breaks and different activities so don’t worry if your stamina is not great at the moment. We have riders of all abilities, from national champions to occassional riders, and of all ages. Rides cost £5 and we also have bikes and helmets if you need to borrow one.

We are also especially keen to hear from any ladies who would like to ride with us, we now have a female coach who is keen to encourage more girls to get stuck in and show the boys how it’s done.

If you would like to know more information or talk to us about what the rides entail then please get in touch, or 07894 144595