Bristol Off-Road Du Provisional Results

Right, first things first, an apology!

Hands up, when we measured the course several months ago, and several times since, we set up our Garmin to measure the course in KM, however what happened was the course was measured in MILES!

This was an honest mistake, that no-one picked up on in the dozen or so times that we took people round the course, so apologies, we know from talking to everyone on the day that some people were happy with a longer run, some definitely weren’t and some were just happy to still be alive at the end!

As a result we shortened the cycle course to 2 laps midway through the race for this reason.

This means that the total distances you traveled were 6.9km run, 16.25km cycle, 6.9km run.

So again, sorry for the confusion, we hope it didn’t spoil your day!

So on to the results, Julian Emery took out the men’s race with two storming runs, literally leaving the field in his wake, awesome performance to dip under the two hour mark.

Robyn Golding won the ladies event for Team Easy Runner, again demonstrating some fantastic running as the base for a fantastic time.

The provisional results are here Provisional Results 2009

They are also up on and for anyone who likes to see their name up in lights!

If anyone spots a problem then please let us know and we will try to change things around, thanks to the timing marshals  for a great job.

There are some fantastic photos up on the website, thanks to Gary for coming along and taking some really good shots.

We are already working on plans for next year, including plans to buy a new marquee as ours flew away shortly after the start!! and hope that the 2010 event will be even bigger and better, if you have any feedback for us we would be very grateful to receive it, we know there were some teething troubles and we hope it didn’t affect your race, but let us know, good or bad what you thought, e-mail us on

Prizes will be posted to winners in the next couple of days.

Thanks again to everyone for coming, next event is the Nike Harptree Havoc 10km on March 28th, if you haven’t been to this race before, it is full of mud and hills and waist deep puddles and is definitely another race not for the faint hearted…it’s great fun though.

We hope to see you there, or at next year’s BOD!

Thanks to Gary Bray/UNICON for this image of the start…our favourite

BOD Start