No Messin

Our partners at Network Rail run a really fantastic project called No Messin.

Their aim is to educate young people to the dangers of playing on or near the railways, and to let them know the potential damage their actions can cause to others.

The website has details of the project, including the fantastic roadshows that they run accross the country in the Summer Holidays. we were at the Weston-super-Mare event in 2008 and it was great to see so many people trying out new and exciting sports. We also got to meet some fantastic riders from across the South West who had travelled to the event to show off their talents.

We have been working with Network Rail at sites across Bristol, working with some really challenging groups which has been fun. It has also given us some really good opportunities to spread the news about what Network Rail are trying to achieve
The website link is below, we recommend you have a look, and if you can, try to get to one of the roadshows…we hope to be at one near you if we can too!