Bristol Schools Festival

This week we have been coaching at the Bristol School Sports Festival at Coombe Dingle.

The format is pretty simple, pupils have competitions in the morning, which we have been running as BMX and track races.

Then in the afternoon pupils are able to try out 2 new sports. We are running shorter more simple races and games for this, aiming to create some enjoyment and interest in cycling.

There are lots of sports going on up at the site and it has been great to see some of the other coaches and to work with so many different sports in one place.

The event has obviouslty generated lots of interest in our curriculum based cycle courses, and we hope to be working in some of the schools in Bristol next term and beyond. We have also been asked to run various events as one off, end of term fun activities so we are looking forward to taking some groups out for the day to some of the local cycling spots.

After 3 days of solid coaching in the cold though it will be nice to get back in the office for a few hours to thaw out

There was a reporter there on the day and he managed to catch Marc on his bike, for a look at the festival as a whole and to see the cyclists in action have a look at the video here. and keep watching til the end… don’t blink or you’ll miss us!!